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Love Our People

We are simple people like you and think beyond the extra mile. We love to inspire & motivate people to do better in a smart way.

Love Our People

Love fun, love people!

We Bangladeshi is the most innovative & complete social networking Community. It allows all Bangladeshi people who live around the world to be connected. This is a virtual community where each country or region can have their own group share their happiness, joy & events. Soon we will launch smartphone apps to keep you connected with people that you love.

In short, webangladeshi – is a virtual place for all bangladeshi to be connected in one place.

Every day we do our job for ourself or our family but only a few are think for others. We used to blame for our government and political leader that they didn’t do this…do that but did ever we think what we can do for other? Did we ever think what can we do for our country, for our people? Let’s share our views and do something together that helps others.

Help doesn’t mean that you need to pay or donate! You can help in many diffrent way but you need to have is positive mindset. You can be part of a organizing events, you can share your idea, motivate people or do something better together where is your stenth. If you also wants to share your success and let other to know you better, webangladeshi is the place for you.  So we hav created this platform to consolidate all bangladeshi in one virtual community platform.


There are lots of people & community inspired us to launch this platform. If you want to be part of our volunteer team, please write to us where is your strength and how you can help people around you while you are representing webangladeshi. Once your idea/plan will review/approvee by the team, we will publish your picture in our volunteer team.  We just want to ensure we are taking people who have potential to be a leader and positive to contribute and work together.


We also want’s to share all our events, exhibition, news from this platform. We also want to get connect all overseas Bangladeshi so that when Bangladesh High Commission of the respected country wants to help, they can help from this platform.

webangladeshi need your help to be successful in our vision.

We believe together we can do more!